Wednesday, February 24, 2016

TRiDeas Price Action Trading Room

Dear Friends ,
After we started Price Action Trading Course at Traderadda we got a huge Resonse and I am Happy to inform you all  that training started for those who enrolled for the course on One to One Basis. Some of the freinds who really wanted to learn suggested and demanded for the Trading Room Form with some people suggested for Webinar/Presentation for learning. So we thought to incorporate all at one Place. So starting a INDIA’s FIRST Price ACTION TRADING ROOM with WEBINARS EVERY WEEK.
What Trading Room/Webinars is Having:-
  • Trading Room is not like the one which have Streaming Charts. As a Price Action Trader We Don’t need any Fancy Charts with Complex things on it. We Need Only Simple Price Charts these are enough for Trading With Price Action.

  • So we have trade IDEAS , Post Charts Related whenever required.

  • Also Discussion about the Trades in Live Markets.

  • Main Part of Our Trading Room is on weekends we Talk Right about Why Trade Taken? What was its Logic? Why Exit? What went Wrong? So we talk about Trading Process. Which No ONE Want to TALK.

  • So Serious Learners are Welcome to Join Our Trading Room/Webinars

Below are our TRiDeas Price Action Trading Room Details:-
1. A Price Action Trading Room (on Slack Platform) where we will share about trading Setups, Trade Ideas Formation.
2. Intraday there will be 1-3 learning Trade Ideas in Nifty and Banknifty index. Also there will be discussion about some Positional Setups whenever they come  for Positional Players. We will try to post charts whenever required.
3. We will have a Learning Webinar Every Week which consists of  Succeesfull Trade Setup happened in that week , Thought Process, Reviewing the Failed Trades, We will learn about different aspects of trading every Week, agenda will be informed every week to the Members.
4. We will try to teach how to get survived with Strict Risk Management and Position Sizing with Simple ways. Our motto is Control your Risk Profit will come automatically.
5. We just taking Very limited members . Registrations Open Now. Room Started on 1st March.
6. Afordable Membership Fees even we are taking Webinars Every Week.
No other  Teaches You about Trading Logic .

JOIN NOW:---------

Membership Fees:-

Three Month:- Rs 18000/- (Webinars Included)

Fill the Form to Get Payment details:-

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