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Nifty and Banknifty Clues of Repetition and Further Direction


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I am writing after a long time here on Blog due to some other priorities. Now will probably writing frequently. Hope you all doing well.

Nifty Future Corrections and its Repetitions :-


  • 1st Correction from 8329 to 8241=88 points

  • 2nd Correction 8468 to 8433= 135 points

  • 3rd Correction 8698 to 8555= 143 Points

  • 4th Correction 8846 to 8727 = 119 points


So Nifty Future Corrections are between 90 to 140 points approx. in this strong upmove. And after Corrections it is continuously making upmove.

Now what we can understand or take from this?

1. 1st scenario of continuation of upmove—here we have to see if Nifty future makes any correction of around 90 to 140 points there we can watch out for price action for possible continuation of Upmove.

2. 2nd scenario of reversal or  bigger correction – here if Nifty future continues to correct more than 140 points we can have a cautious approach for long side and can look for possible reversal or bigger retracement.


Banknifty Future Corrections and its Repetitions:-



Like we discussed in Nifty Future same scenario here.

  • 1st correction of 18280 to 17855 = 425 Points

  • 2nd Correction of  19297 to 18742 = 555 points

  • 3rd Correction of 19874 to 19492 = 382 Points

  • 4th Correction of  20504 to 20055 = 449 Points

One more correction on a Gap Up day of break of Consolidation is of 20874 to 20420 =454 Points (this I havent marked on Charts)

So broadly Banknifty Future Corrections are between 380 Points to 550 Points approx.

Same thught process here as above in Nifty Future. we can watch for the correction if Coming can range between 380 to 550 Points  and if goes more we have possible scenario of Retracements or may be reversal.

Keep Counting Numbers…

Till then Happy trading…

If you have any view can comment below.

Chart Updates on Telegram Channel :-

Nifty And Banknifty Turning Points (ARZ)

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Monday, August 22, 2016

TRiDeas Trading Room- V2


TRiDeas V2:-

INDIA’s FIRST Price ACTION TRADING ROOM with Price Action Trading Series Complete Webinars.

What Trading Room/Webinars is Having:-

  • Trading Room is not like the one which have Streaming Charts. As a Price Action Trader We Don’t need any Fancy Charts with Complex things on it. We Need Only Simple Price Charts these are enough for Trading With Price Action.
  • So we have trade IDEAS , Post Charts Related whenever required.
  • Also Discussion about the Trades in Live Markets.

TRiDeas Price Action Series Webinars:-
  • Main Part of Our Trading Room is on Total Price Action Webinar Series Recorded Webinars which is Complete course on the actual ways of how we look and Take Trades and Setups.
  • So if you want to Learn the Insights of Trading …Serious Learners are Welcome to Join Our TRiDeas Trading Room

Below are our TRiDeas Price Action Trading Room Details:-

1. A Price Action Trading Room (on Telegram Platform) where we will share about trading Setups, Trade Ideas Formation.

2. Intraday there will be 1-3 learning Trade Ideas(all shared with reasons) in Nifty and Banknifty index. Also there will be discussion about some Positional Setups whenever they come  for Positional Players. We will try to post charts whenever required.

3. We will have a Learning Webinar Whenever Required or Demanded which can have   Successfull Trade Setup happened in that week , Thought Process, Reviewing the Failed Trades, We will learn about different aspects of trading every Week.

4. We will try to teach how to get survived with Strict Risk Management and Position Sizing with Simple ways. Our motto is Control your Risk Profit will come automatically.

5. We just taking Very limited members . Registrations Open Now.

6. Afordable Membership Fees even we are sharing Complete Course On Price Action Series through Webinars.

No other  Teaches You about Trading Logic .

JOIN NOW:---------

Membership Fees:-

Three Month Access to Trading Room:- Rs 18000/-

 (Access to Price Action Trading Series  Recorded Webinars Course Included)

Pay and Join Here

Annual  Access to Trading Room:- Rs 60000/-

 (Access to Price Action Trading Series  Recorded Webinars Course Included)

Pay and Join Here



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Friday, May 27, 2016

TRiDeas Price Action Trading One Day Workshop- Trading Demand Supply Way.

TRiDeas Price Action Trading Workshop Contents:-
  • Basics of Price Action Trading
  • Demand Supply Framework with Timeframes
  • 6 Principles Making Market Structure and Trend Direction

  • What is Demand Area, Supply Area ? How to Find Demand area and Supply area.
  • What is BOF? How to Find and Trade BOF.
  • What is BO? How to Find and Trade BOs
  • Find Quality of Demand area /Supply area

  • 4 Criterian Set and Forget Trade Setup of High Probability (this is the Unique and almost sharing secret of My Trading Evolved Over Period Of time)
  • Catch almost TOPs and BOTTOMs at the Perticular Timeframe.
  • Low Risk and High Probability Trade Finding.
  • How to enter in the trades when we miss entries on the Trend Days at the Begining.

Uniques about Price Action Trading Workshop:-
  • NO INDICATORS or Complex Charts Simple Price Charts.
  • Trading At the EDGE you will love.

Workshop Date:- 28th AUGUST 2016

Time:- 10.15 AM to 5.30 PM

(Breaks will be in Between)

Who Can Join this Workshop:-

  • Budding Traders, Traders who are struggling to Find the Edge, SubBrokers, Aspiring Stock Market Traders and Anybody who have Interest in Stock Marktes.

After this Workshop:-
You will get Free Three Month Access to Our Unique CHARTS-LIBRARY (all Charts Setups with Details)
And Access to our TRiDeas Trade Share and Discussion Group(for one month) where we share the setups charts and Trades in Live markets.

Fees for the Workshop:-


Register Till 26th August- Get Rs 1000/- Early Bird Discount and One Month Free Acess to our TriDeas Trading Share and Discussion Group


Access to TRiDeas Room For One Month (in one month Group Access Period)


Use Discount Code Link  -

Click Here

Payment Link:-

Click Here to Pay and Register

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

How to Figure Out Range Bound Markets Before it Happens



It is always difficult for a Trader  rather important and useful for any Trader to Know about Probable RangeBound Market Comes. Twitter is always a learning source for me and many others who use it that way.

Recently in a series of Tweets by @KickAssTrader (popularly known for his MP , VSA and OF charts ) shared how to figure out RangeBound Market Before it happens. I thought this Infomation will go in a flow so wanted to preserve it for my use and also for public interest Posting it here. All Credit to @KickAssTrader for sharing this information with us.

How to Figure Out Range Bound Markets Before it Happens

  • Rangebound is basically assumed as a day where we can trade with a +ve expectancy against the ongoing trend.

  • To have a opposing force strong enuf to do that wud imply you can only assume such a period will come into existence when u hit an area on a higher TF that can provide a counter force.

  • Also when a move is into exhaustion the range extensions get smaller each time and each counter move pushes further back into the old balance.

  • E.g 4/28-5/3 (2016) smaller range extensions lead to bigger pushes into old balance.

  • Smaller range extension result from higher TF support underneath ,Same for 5/4-5/9 & today (17thMay)!

  • Minus any opposing force tht can push hard mean reversion is a recipe for disaster.

  • The trend continues to push down while the opposing force is decent enuf to cutoff momentum to provide a move till atleast 50-80% of range

  • Same can be accomplished with delta as poitned out by @zzzune  imbalance can only go so far until it snaps or reaches escape velocity(trend)

  • You shud be able to figure out a range beofrehand from where demand /supply would be cutoff n change frm holding to flipping.


  • Below Chart Shows How Range Extension –Reduction – lead to Mean Reversion. (Chart is By @KickAssTrader)


Range Extens

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Monday, May 9, 2016

TC2016–Trading Strategies, Meet the ProTraders and Learn From them.



If you are newbie in Trading or active trader and want to Meet and Learn from ProTraders who are Traders themselves and they learned the trading the HARD way then you must ATTEND #TC2016 (TRADERSCARNIVAL) at BANGKOK.


What is Traders Carnival? (#TC2016)

  • Its the ANNUAL EVENT for Traders Organised by ProTraders most of them TRADE for LIVING. This has been Started from 2012 by a IDEA from Dharmaraj popularly Known as DJ.

  • It gives you opportunities to meet and learn from PROTRADERs which are well respected and Wellknown over the Social Media and Some of them I know Well.

  • You Stay there, Share ideas, Concepts Day and night u can clear your doubts ask queries with ProTraders  and Speakers. You have accessibility to speakers as they also stay same PLACE.

  • Also you have GOOD OPPORTUNITY for NETWORKING with ProTraders and also with them who are in same BOAT LIKE you.


Speakers at  TradersCarnival 2016:-

  • This Year #TC2016 is PowerPacked with the INTERNATIONAL EXPERTS.


  • JAMES DALTON of JDALTONTRADING is the BIGGEST attraction of this YEARs #TC2016 About DALTON.. I can say NAM HI KAFI HAI…. If you are aspiring to LEARN Market PROFILE then you get here opportunity to  learn directly from the GURU. James is MARKET PROFILE VETRAN and CBOT Member. His Books MIND OVER MARKETS and MARKETS in PROFILE are being used Like a Bible by Market Profile Learners.


  • Rishi Umrenia of JUSTFINTECH is well Known Market Profiler and ProTrader, he trades NIFTY, BANKNIFTY Futures, Crude OIL and also S&P500 . He will share his insights about MP at #TC2016 . You can follow him on Twitter @ProAMTraider

  • Samir Arora of Helios Capital is Well Known Fund Manger and u might have seen him ON Various TV Channel.He will share his insights at #TC2016


  • Moritz Czubatinski and Rolf Schlotmann from EDGEWONK (Best Trading Journal Ever) will Share their Unique trading insights. Rolf is well known for his Blog TRADECIETY which is widely popular among traders.

  • Deepak Shenoy founder and CEO of Capital MIND is wellknown to all of us. He shares his VIEWS on MOST Business Channels like CNBC, ET-NOW and BLOOMBERG.

  • Brijesh Bhatia – I love his Harmonic analysis , he is awesome with his Charts and analysis, he shares all his Views on Twitter handle @bbrijesh

  • Shiva Galrani – Shiva is Systematic Trader and Derived his Own Trading Strategies for Positional Trading With Just Excel Sheets. You can Follow him on Twitter Handle @galrani

  • Abhijit Phatak – Popularly Known as AP on Social Media. People know him for his UNIQUE  analysis style based on OPTION CHARTS and OPEN INTEREST. You can Follow him on Twitter @ap_pune

  • Sumeet Jain – Sumeet is a Pro Technical Analyst and he is having wide experience in analysing wide variety of ASSET CLASSes. He is CMT holder from MTA USA. You can follow him on twitter @jainsumeets

  • Rajandran R – He is Founder of Hugely Popular Blog MarketCalls.  You can follow him on Twitter @marketcalls_

Want to Register?

Register for TC 2016




MAY 17 to May 20 2016

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Starting a ChartsLibrary For Our TRiDeas Workshop Members


What is ChartsLibrary?

  • Charts Library is Contains Charts with Setups we talk in Our TRiDeas Online Workshops

  • These Charts will be arranged with the Categories like BO, BOF, Demand Setup and so many other etc so with this we are able to see and learn different  days charts with SAME SETUP in different SITUATIONS. Which will help one learning and understanding the setups at a glance.

  • So whenever any such situations we want to learn we will have many no. of charts with SAME SETUP handy for US to analyze what happened at that time and how Price Behaved on that day.

  • So we can CHECK what HAPPENED on RBI POLICY days Previously how price BEHAVED like that we will try to keep record of the EVENTS also.

  • This is a UNIQUE CONCEPT we are COMING with and that Library We will be Giving access to Our Members. Every TRiDeas Workshop Member will get access to ChartsLibrary for specified Period

Join TRiDeas Online Workshop to Get Access to ChartsLibrary

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Friday, April 1, 2016

Webinar 4–Demand, Supply , Break Failure ,Breakout and Using UT and ST




Price Action Trading Series Webinar (4)

As we have announced that we will be Conducting the Weekly Webinar for our Trading Room Members as a Learning about Setups and what is the Thought Process Behind the Price Action Trade Setups.

So Saturday will be 4rd Webinar of Price Action Trading Series.

Webinar Details:-

  • Indepth detail learning About DEMAND and SUPPLY in DETAIL
  • Demand, Supply , Breakout and Breakout Failure Revised
  • Demand ,Supply, and UT , ST
  • How to use UT and ST in Trading
  • Some great Setups which we missed in this Week How were the Entries and Setups.


Time:- 9 AM SUNDAY , 3rd APRIL


Invitation will be sent by 9 PM  to all Trading Room Webinar Members.

Plz check and if not got Contact me through Mail.

Join Trading Room

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