Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Best Trading Entry Comes When People Get Trapped


The Traders to whom I consider as my Mentor, My Guru he always try to find where people get trapped for entries.

Today’s Nifty Future Price Action was nice Example of how people get Trapped and that gives one of the Best Entries with lowest risk and on EDGE.

Lets go directly to the Chart.


  • Nifty 8900 was Previous Swing low which was the ARZ level we  identified and posted before markets in Our Telgram Channel.

  • We also Put 8946 as ARZ and most of those levels we have marked in charts Posted Earlier.
  • We also had the referance level of 8894 which we posted in our Channel which was the Correction Minimum Cap as per our article Posted Yesterday.
  • Now we see what happened in below chart how FIIs/SMART Money/BIG Players/Institutions trap people on opposite side.


Now see above Nifty Future Chart which is itself very clear …

  • Nifty Future Came Below that swing level of 8901 which they held till 1 PM . Now we look at the Price Action happened there.

  • They took Prices So sharply down below that swing low that it made two possible things. (1) Breakout Souls (these guys are always bread and butter for People Like Me) enter shorts there as they think looking at the sharp falling Price Action that now its going to tank the Nifty Future. So they fresh shorted there. (2) Here those guys who were holding intra longs from morning would most have SL’s below that Juicy level of 8900 and of course Big Boys know that, and those SLs got hit there.

  • So both things (1) Fresh Shorts and (2) SLs hitting made it big volume there which we can see on Chart Clearly at No2 point which was whooping 3Lakh Plus on one minute. (So huge na?) , here people got Trapped

  • Now what next for those who Bought these big Quantity? Who are they? Of course they are nothing but what we call SMART MONEY/FIIs/Institutions. They bought from those Trapped People and you can see what happened next.

Thats all….. I feel this will help you guys.

Of course for finding such entries one doesnt need any High Paid/Fancy Softwares. One can see such things on Simple Price Action Charts.

Just Follow Price Action Trading, its simple and easy to understand.

If you have any view can comment below, Do share/Retweet/Like this Post

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Nifty And Banknifty Turning Points (ARZ)

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Till then Happy Trading……..

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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Nifty and Banknifty Clues of Repetition and Further Direction


Hallo Friends ,

I am writing after a long time here on Blog due to some other priorities. Now will probably writing frequently. Hope you all doing well.

Nifty Future Corrections and its Repetitions :-


  • 1st Correction from 8329 to 8241=88 points

  • 2nd Correction 8468 to 8433= 135 points

  • 3rd Correction 8698 to 8555= 143 Points

  • 4th Correction 8846 to 8727 = 119 points


So Nifty Future Corrections are between 90 to 140 points approx. in this strong upmove. And after Corrections it is continuously making upmove.

Now what we can understand or take from this?

1. 1st scenario of continuation of upmove—here we have to see if Nifty future makes any correction of around 90 to 140 points there we can watch out for price action for possible continuation of Upmove.

2. 2nd scenario of reversal or  bigger correction – here if Nifty future continues to correct more than 140 points we can have a cautious approach for long side and can look for possible reversal or bigger retracement.


Banknifty Future Corrections and its Repetitions:-



Like we discussed in Nifty Future same scenario here.

  • 1st correction of 18280 to 17855 = 425 Points

  • 2nd Correction of  19297 to 18742 = 555 points

  • 3rd Correction of 19874 to 19492 = 382 Points

  • 4th Correction of  20504 to 20055 = 449 Points

One more correction on a Gap Up day of break of Consolidation is of 20874 to 20420 =454 Points (this I havent marked on Charts)

So broadly Banknifty Future Corrections are between 380 Points to 550 Points approx.

Same thught process here as above in Nifty Future. we can watch for the correction if Coming can range between 380 to 550 Points  and if goes more we have possible scenario of Retracements or may be reversal.

Keep Counting Numbers…

Till then Happy trading…

If you have any view can comment below.

Chart Updates on Telegram Channel :-

Nifty And Banknifty Turning Points (ARZ)

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

How to Figure Out Range Bound Markets Before it Happens



It is always difficult for a Trader  rather important and useful for any Trader to Know about Probable RangeBound Market Comes. Twitter is always a learning source for me and many others who use it that way.

Recently in a series of Tweets by @KickAssTrader (popularly known for his MP , VSA and OF charts ) shared how to figure out RangeBound Market Before it happens. I thought this Infomation will go in a flow so wanted to preserve it for my use and also for public interest Posting it here. All Credit to @KickAssTrader for sharing this information with us.

How to Figure Out Range Bound Markets Before it Happens

  • Rangebound is basically assumed as a day where we can trade with a +ve expectancy against the ongoing trend.

  • To have a opposing force strong enuf to do that wud imply you can only assume such a period will come into existence when u hit an area on a higher TF that can provide a counter force.

  • Also when a move is into exhaustion the range extensions get smaller each time and each counter move pushes further back into the old balance.

  • E.g 4/28-5/3 (2016) smaller range extensions lead to bigger pushes into old balance.

  • Smaller range extension result from higher TF support underneath ,Same for 5/4-5/9 & today (17thMay)!

  • Minus any opposing force tht can push hard mean reversion is a recipe for disaster.

  • The trend continues to push down while the opposing force is decent enuf to cutoff momentum to provide a move till atleast 50-80% of range

  • Same can be accomplished with delta as poitned out by @zzzune  imbalance can only go so far until it snaps or reaches escape velocity(trend)

  • You shud be able to figure out a range beofrehand from where demand /supply would be cutoff n change frm holding to flipping.


  • Below Chart Shows How Range Extension –Reduction – lead to Mean Reversion. (Chart is By @KickAssTrader)


Range Extens

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

5 Best Market Profile Traders to FOLLOW on Twitter


In US most of the Traders are sharing their thoughts,  views n Trades on Twitter. And many followers get benefitted by them.

For Indian Markets Sharing Views and Trades on Twitter is still very Few Traders are doing. Twitter is the Medium to share our thoughts without any DISTURBANCE in our regular activities.

Market Profile is the Important Tool under the Auction Market theory. And relatively very few Traders in INDIA Use this for their trading Decisions . If studied properly MARKET PROFILE can do wonders in your Trading.

We are today Listing 6 BEST TRADERS who Share their thoughts and Views on Market Profile on TWITTER in LIVE Markets. This is for the Benefit of the TraderAdda Readers those who are interested in Market Profile.

6 Best Market Profile Traders on

Twitter in INDIA:-

1. Rishi Umrenia:-


Rishi got his interest in Technical Analysis when he was Hospitalized for 3 Months. Then he started learning different things in TA. And now he is relying on MARKET PROFILE, OrderFlow and VSA as a DECIDING Factor in his Trading decision. He Trades Mostly in INDEX FUTURES- NIFTY and BANKNIFTY FUTURE. He is one of the Top Market Profile Traders I have Come through in INDIAN MARKETS. He shares his VIEWs on Twitter regularly. He is very very helpful person. A must Follow Trader on Twitter for INDIAN TRADERS.

His Twitter Handle is @justfintech

Follow RISHI on Twitter

2. Aniruddha Deshpande:-


In Aniruddha’s Words he says he is Market Profile Enthusiast. He posts daily on his Blog GetThatTradingEdge his Evening Report. He loves to discuss and trades based on Market Profile and Auction Market Theory (AMT) One interested in learning MP must follow him for Market Profile.

His Twitter Handle is @aniruddha4tew

Follow Aniruddha on Twitter

3. Varun:-


Varun is a active Market Profile Trader and he always welcomes anyone who wants to Discuss Market Profile and OrderFlow. A must follow for those who interested in Market Profile and OrderFlow.

His Twitter Handle is @sweetspottrader

Follow Varun on Twitter

4. Jay Chandran:-


Jay is very young and Full time INDEX and STOCK FUTURE Trader. Market Profile is the KEY Part of making the Trading decisions in his Trades. 

Update:- Now he is less active on Twitter.


His Twitter Handle is @niftywizard

Follow Jay on Twitter


5. Alex A.K.A. Pit Trader:-


Alex is Well Known by Pit Trader on Twitter. He mostly Trades on INDEX FUTURES and OPTIONS. He stays in TORONTO Canada but keeps eye on INDIAN MARKETS. And trades actively on NSE and also INTERNATIONAL Markets- CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) trading mostly E-Mini S & P 500 and Crude OIL. He is a Programmer Himself and develops and use his own Trading Systems. He is a very active trader and very helpful known for his CHARTS which he shares with his FOLLOWERS on TWITTER. A must Follow Trader in INDIAN MARKETS.

His Twitter Handle is @NarcissisTrader


Follow Alex on Twitter

Update:- Now he is less active on Twitter and Indian Markets.



For Realtime Updates

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We Continuously Try to Update this List to be Latest.


Updated:-6th Jan 2016

Updated:-22nd April 2017 (Removed Inactive Account )

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Friday, October 10, 2014




  • SGX NIFTY  is   59 POINTS  DOWN showing   BIG GAP DOWN OPENING  . So the BANKNIFTY also will open will around 150-200 POINTS GAP DOWN.
  • FII Activity – IN CASH SOLD --20 CR INDEX FUT BOUGHT --566 CR


1 15431 15860
2 15286 16012
3 15168 16180

These levels are where we have to watch how market reacts and we have to take decision as per the PRICE ACTION.



  • As we expected yesterday it played the POSITIVE DIVERGENCE well and given a big upmove on the cues from US. And now today cues from US are negative with BIG fall in US
  • We can see hourly chart of BANKNIFTY above which clearly showing where BNF went yesterday… it reached the level where SUPPORT become resistance… and this may go further to break the recent lows made by BNF.






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Thursday, October 9, 2014




  • SGX NIFTY  is   37 POINTS GAP DOWN showing   FLAT to NEGATIVE OPENING  . So the BANKNIFTY also will open will around 100-130 POINTS GAP DOWN.
  • FII Activity – IN CASH SOLD --1440 CR / INDEX FUT SOLD --195 CR


1 15347 15546
2 15198 16625
3   16723

These levels are where we have to watch how market reacts and we have to take decision as per the PRICE ACTION.



  • We can see clearly in chart there is a +ve Divergence in BNF and it bounced back. And today if we consider this upchannel to continue then BNF may show the above levels.






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Tuesday, October 7, 2014




  • SGX NIFTY  is   around 50 POINTS GAP DOWN (if we adjust as per Wednesdays Closing)showing  NEGATIVE OPENING  . So the BANKNIFTY also will open will around 120-15- POINTS GAP DOWN.
  • FII Activity – IN CASH SOLD --63 CR / INDEX FUT BOUGHT ++72 CR



These levels are where we have to watch how market reacts and we have to take decision as per the PRICE ACTION.







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