Sunday, February 12, 2012

Do You Want to be Profitable in Trading?

Are You Losing Money in Trading?

… Then Must Read This:-


It is said that 90% to 95 % people loose money in trading. Many people look for the tips and they incur huge losses by following the Tips. Then again some people follow so called analyst calls on Television channels  and again end up with loss. And after loosing their capital they start saying that money can not be made in Trading.

Yes, same thing also happened sometime ago with me also.

If you are loosing money then take First Step--- STOP Trading.

Stop Loosing and Start Getting Profit:-

Firstly as I said Stop Your Trading. Then take Baby Steps to your Journey Towards Profitable Trading.

  • First Check Your Trading Plan/System ten times. If you don’t have Trading System then Start to make one Now. (Don’t know What is Trading System Read This) If you are following your trading System consistently and still loosing money then you need to change your trading System to one that is thoroughly tested and Profitable One.
  • Many Traders have Good Trading System…. but they fear to follow the signal given by their system due to Emotions (Greed and Fear) and when they see that the Signal given by their system is giving good profit they jump in late where other are booking profits. There a high risk is there with low reward.
  • First Apply your Trading System to “Paper Trading” , Or use Metatrader Demo Account For Taking Demo trading (No Fear of Loosing Real Money) also you can use Social Investing Sites Like “Stockezy” where you can put your trades to check your trading capability. Paper Trading Must be like your real trading …. Use same capital(You are going to use in Real), Same Leverage you are getting by your broker (Rather I would initially suggest not to use leverage in actual trading.) Use  the risk that you can take and your trading System suggests you. Book your part profit once your trade goes in certain amount of profit. Part profit booking gives you confidence of money is made in Stock markets. Paper Trading/ Demo Trading must be done for at least Six months(Minimum Three months Must).
  • After Completion of your Paper Trading Analyze it. If you have made good amount of profit. Then you can start your actual trading but you must Strictly follow the rules made by you for you. (Discipline)

Lets be Profitable, Stop Loosing.

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