Friday, June 21, 2013

TraderAdda Nifty Options Open Interest Tracker

TraderAdda Nifty Options Open

Interest Tracker

             11.00 AM OI

Open Interest for Nifty Options :-

1. Open Interest Table:-

Showing Open Interest for Nifty Options for Different Strike Price with Change in OI for Respective Strike Price.


2. Open Interest Graph :-

Below Graph Shows Different Strike Price Calls and Puts Open Interest in Graphical Way.


3. Change In OI Graph:-

Below Graph Shows Change in Open Interest in Different Strike Prices in Graphical Way.


TraderAdda Few Cents:-

  • 5600 PE OI has been increased heavily by more than 10 LK. Lets see weather it sustains till EOD.
  • 5700 CE OI has been increased by more than 12 LK. It would not be easy to conquer 5700 for bulls
  • Highest OI is still in 5800 CE and 5600 PE.

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Anonymous said...

Can you please tell us how to interpret Options OI in simple language.
What does the increase/decrease in OI of an option indicates..

SAM on June 26, 2013 at 10:34 PM said...


I use this OI for just for referance of how the things are going and on what SIDE they are building the BLOCKs...

But never take any decesion based on this... this will be quite tricky... COZ they (FII's ) want People to take decision based on this... but many times there are TRAPS.

So I just use this to see how they are changing on different times in day.

Hope you got some points.

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